A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

TURBONEON is an action-packed antigravity racing game! Use your ship's tether beam to maintain top speed around hairpin turns, and even attack enemy ships!

Race for glory across two vibrant 80's-inspired racetracks against human and CPU racers! 

This game requires 1-4 gamepads to play.

TURBONEON was made for the senior capstone class, EECS 494: Game Development at the University of Michigan. It was the first place winner at the December 2019 University of Michigan Student Game Showcase!

The game was made by Studio DEEM Engine, a student group at the University of Michigan:

  • Daniel Kortemeyer
  • Eashwar Mohan
  • Ethan Bommarito
  • Michael Ellis
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorStudio DEEM Engine
Tagsantigravity, Neon, tether-beam


OSX Build (zip) 124 MB
Windows Build (zip) 123 MB

Install instructions

Available to download are zips for either the Windows or OSX version of the game. Download and unzip the game; on OSX, the game can simply be launched by double clicking the '.app' file that gets unzipped. On Windows, the unzipped folder should contain a .exe file which is the executable for the game.


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I have a lot of fond memories of play testing Daniels games in his office. This feels like one of those games. Its a ton of fun and the mechanics are straight forward enough that the player can get an intuitive reaction to the visual prompts.

Wow, this game looks fascinating. It reminds me of a game from the mid-90's, Rocket Jockey, with its competitive and combative racing and the ability to attach to other players, with visuals that recall the Tron movie of the 80's and other sorts of landscapes that one used to see in 80's media. It is so awesome to get to see what Daniel was working on; the visuals and the gameplay both seem very compelling and look as though they really compliment each other.